The Different Types of TV Programmes

Published: 20th August 2010
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When you sit down to watch television, you may not think too much about the kinds of programmes you watch. You probably just pick things because you like them.

But if you look at the subject more closely you will probably start to see patterns in your viewing habits. For instance, you might find you watch the same type of programme over and over again. Even though the individual programmes could be very different in some ways, you will find patterns there.

A good example would be documentaries. You might watch a programme about the Second World War one evening, and the next day you see another programme about what it was like growing up in the Sixties. They are two very different programmes with completely different topics and approaches, but they are both still documentaries.

You can probably spot trends in other subjects as well. Sometimes television companies will start making a lot of different programmes on the same kind of topic if they prove to be successful. Just look at the number of talent shows around today for instance. This is just one good example of a type of television programme that has worked very well in recent times. Reality programmes are another example – how many of these have you watched over the last couple of years?

Of course we all have our own preferences and what one person enjoys may be a complete turn off for the next person. For instance, you may have avoided groups of people at work during the mornings when they talk about the latest happenings in their favourite soap opera. On the other hand, you might have been in the thick of things, giving your own opinions on the events that occurred.

There are other areas of programming worth mentioning too. For example, we rely on the news programming to tell us what is happening in the world around us. Similarly local programming can be very useful as well.

In other situations we enjoy watching dramas that take us out of our daily lives for a while. In contrast, comedies make us forget the seriousness of life and give us a good laugh as well. If we have some favourite programmes we don’t like to miss, we’ll ensure we have access to the channels they are shown on too.

The good news is that we have more channels than ever to choose from when we want to watch something worthwhile. We can look at the latest Sky offer for instance, to make sure we have the best channels with the best programming on them that we know we will enjoy.

Whatever programmes you like to watch, there’s no doubting that enjoyable feeling of settling down in front of one of your favourites.

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