Traditional Birth and Christening Gifts

Published: 07th July 2010
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Birth and christening gifts are designed to mark the birth of a new baby and are traditionally keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come.

It can be difficult to know exactly what to buy for this special occasion but if you want to give a gift that holds significance and is personal, commemorative coins could be the perfect solution.

Commemorative coins are a popular gift for traditional and special occasions. Births, christenings and birthdays can all be marked with the giving of coins which act as souvenirs of the special event.

Commemorative gifts that can be kept for years as special souvenirs when received by a loved one add a personal touch that is hard to beat, making coins the ideal gift for a birth or christening.

You could buy one coin to give as a gift, such as a lucky silver penny. A brand new silver penny, dated in the year the baby is born, marks the birth in a special way and creates a gift that can be cherished forever. You can get blue coin pouches for a little boy and pink coin pouches if the baby is a girl.

You could also opt for a sparkling silver £1 coin which makes an extraordinary gift for the new arrival.

Alternatively you could buy a coin set featuring all British coins, from 1p right up to £2. A coin collection makes the ideal birth or christening gift and special coins from the year of baby's birth can be savoured for years to come.

For something even more special, you could consider bestowing a British Bullion gold sovereign, in quarter, half or full size.

The British gold quarter sovereign made its debut in 2009 and has proved to be a popular addition to the famous sovereign family.

All sovereigns are made from 22 carat gold to bullion quality, making this a gift that will be treasured throughout the new baby's life.

Whatever type of coin you choose to give as a gift, a gift case and gift booklet can be included. A proper gift case is the ideal way to protect and present the coin whilst a gift booklet offers room to record those all important baby details, as well as your own message to the newborn.

Most coins and coin sets can be personalised which makes the present even more special and adds a more personal touch to the overall gesture.

New coins which are purchased as birth and christening gifts are not in circulation therefore you should not need to clean them. Never immerse your commemorative coins in any substance, even water, and keep them dust free. Keeping the original presentation case for the coin, or coins, is they best way to protect them.

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